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Frequently Asked Questions
     Q: How can I find out if I might benefit from booking an appointment?

A: Fill out our checklist to evaluate your symptoms. If you have a number of the symptoms shown to a moderate degree, then this would indicate that it is worth investigating your hormonal status with the benefit of our unparalleled clinical experience.

Q: Do I need a letter of referral from my doctor?

A: Please note: You do NOT need a letter of referral from your doctor to make an appointment.

Q: If testosterone treatment is indicated, is the treatment safe?

A: Testosterone replacement is a powerful medication and should only be prescribed in the context of a high calibre health program. It does not cause the onset of prostate cancer but it should not be given to men with existing prostate or breast cancer. Provided it is administered with expertise, TRT is beneficial for the heart and cardiovascular system, cognitive and sexual function and general wellbeing.

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