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Symptoms Checklist

"The symptoms most commonly troubling those who have sought us out over the years are listed below.These are symptoms that may have already resulted in broken or breaking relationships, lost jobs or diminished quality of life in one way or another.

"What we have discovered/established/learned in over 20 years of clinical experience is that the kind of comprehensive initial investigation that we are now able to offer results in the greatest success in addressing these symptoms and the best wellbeing outcomes in the long run.

"If a number of these symptoms are impacting your life, consider whether Our Holistic Approach could be what you are currently looking for."

Linda Byart

Founder - Well Men Centres

1. Fatigue. A drop in energy levels.

2. Grumpiness, short temper, shorter fuse.

3. Lapses of concentration, cloudy thinking.

4. Loss of sex drive and decline in motivation generally.

5. Memory gaps and loss.

6. Loss of sexual satisfaction, (decline in morning erections, erection and ejeculation problems in men and reduced arousal and orgasm in women).

7. Excessive sweating.

8. Increased aches and pains.

9. Depressed mood and mood swings.

10.Serious consideration of suicide as an option.

The following are descriptions given by men to describe their symptoms for which they had been unable to get effective help. If you can relate to what they are saying you may benefit. Many of these feelings are experienced by women too.

Definitely frustrated, a certain degree of anger, loss of enthusiasm and motivation – spiritually, mentally, socially and in areas of particular interest to me.  My once fertile imagination seems to have gone into hibernation.  Memory blocks.  Sexual dysfunction – leaves one feeling rather deflated! Age 53  

Frustrated, tired and lethargic, lack of interest, easily angered, forgetful.  In general, 'fed up' with loss of libido. Age 64

  Periods of depression, frustrated, no energy, tiredness. Age 44

Tired, depressed and concerned regarding memory loss.   Age 57

Get irritable very easily, constantly tired, low energy, loss of memory.  Age 50


Feelings of tiredness, loss of interest, reclusiveness, depression, grumpiness, sadness and a general feeling of unwellness. Age 57

Angry and frustrated, my partner is concerned about my welfare. Age 38

Constant fatigue and low moods.  Aches and pains – loss of flexibility.  Feel like I'm existing as opposed to living a full and happy life.  Unable to see future improvement. Age 38

I feel my marriage is on the line with my 'uncontrollable' mood swings. I feel my kids are fast growing up without a father figure. I have more bad days than good. My workload has been too much for me, so much that my employer has created a new position for me. Age 46


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