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You do not need a doctor’s referral to do so and you will be able to discuss what you personally are looking for on this call.

Your first visit will be in Applecross in a relaxed informal environment designed to help you get the most out of your visit.

It provides an ideal situation where you will feel comfortable to talk frankly and feel confident that your needs are at last being heard and understood by those with significant experience and expertise developed over many years.

This visit alone has proven to be very therapeutic in many cases.

The initial appointment is devoted to the collection of information that, based on our 21 years of experience, should help reveal causes of your symptoms that need to be addressed for you to regain optimal personal health and well being.

This information includes your personal and medical history, life circumstances past and present, deeper examination of your symptoms and a psychometric personality test.

The results of this profiling exercise provides us with increased insight into you as an individual and the way your individual nature prompts you to process stress and trauma.

You should allow up to 3 hours for this initial investigative appointment. Based on the findings, relevant blood test requests may be provided along with a 7-day diary for you to complete before returning for a one hour follow up appointment to discuss and agree the best therapeutic way forward for you as an individual.

For the last ten years our priority has been to research and develop drug free ways to restore and reboost your ability to make your own testosterone wherever possible, thus avoiding a lifelong dependence for quality of life on medication and its inherent side effects.

For some individuals however, medically prescribed and properly supervised pharmaceutically produced testosterone replacement is called for, often in conjunction with general health improvement strategies to ensure the best outcomes.  In this case your next appointment will be with a doctor who will manage this medical side of the health and wellbeing restoration plan that has been identified for you.

Over the years, doctors working with us have made a number of lifesaving discoveries for patients, identifying non-hormonal causes of symptoms, such as heart, thyroid and prostate problems.

Often, certain types of stress and past traumas can have a devastating effect on hormonal health. In this case the best first option is to discover whether empowerment coaching to release the influence of past experiences can work for you.  See Our Holistic Approach here.


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