The Well Men Centre
2/77 South Terrace 
Como 6152 -
(08) 9474 4262 - 0433 145 690 a/h

About The Well Men Centre

The Como Centre is a unique location where doctors and other experienced professional practitioners, who have a special interest in men's health, have been invited to practise under a common commitment to furthering and enhancing health care options for men in Australia.

The Centre provides a holistic approach to addressing a range of symptoms that are not adequately dealt with elsewhere. These include fatigue, depression, irritability, loss of concentration and short term memory, erectile dysfunction and loss of libido.

Restoration of sexual health and ability is one of the benefits that can result from the Well Men Centre approach to hormonal health. The Centre is not however a quick-fix impotency clinic intent on selling men artificial erections.

The medical protocols approved by the Well Men Centre for patient assessment and management of hormonal problems in men are based on leading international experience and expertise and are in line with guidelines published by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, the largest organisation of practising endocrine specialists in the world.

Doctors we work with are qualified and experienced general practitioners who are supportive of our holistic approach towards the assessment and management of hormonal balance problems and other health risk factors in men and women.

The Well Men Centre - (08) 9474 4262 - 0433 145 690 a/h