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What Men & Their Partners Say

"Without a doubt this has done me more good than Prozac and all the other antidepressants I was given."

"My depression and anxiety has diminished."  

"Good result sexually and mentally.  I have an all

round feeling of well being , sex drive and vitality have improved. I am not getting depressed.  I just feel happier all round, sexually, physically and mentally."

"I feel more alive and my sex life has improved."

"I hadn't realised how much I had gone down because it was slow and gradual.  Now after the treatment I can say wow! I remember when I felt like this. It's quite a buzz."

"My husband is calmer, doesn't get upset as easily.  He's Mr Cool now".

"It's like a miracle.  I have got the man I married back".

"I feel like a new man.  I have lost most of my aches and pains and my sense of humour is back - I feel young again!."

"You just cannot imagine how this has changed my life".

Benefits commonly reported are:

   Raised energy levels
  Feeling of well being and increased interest in life
  Return of sexual interest and function
  Loss of aches and pains
  Greater stamina and physical flexibility
  Improved concentration and mental clarity
  Better ability to cope with pressure or crisis
  More cheerful
  Faster healing of cuts and wounds
  Hair going darker again
  General feeling of being younger again
  Lower golf handicap!

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