Our Holistic Approach

In his book DIY Health - Putting You In charge of Your Health, Perth based Dr Joe Kosterich, says that “Disease is not random". I agree with him that disease of any kind is not nearly as random or a matter of bad luck as most people commonly think.  As someone who is experienced and professionally trained and qualified, I support his premise that are the most important element in your health outcomes.

It is you, your attitude, your mind set and daily choices that impacts most on your risk of developing physical, mental, and/or emotional health problems.  To ignore this fact  and not recognise you as a complex individual with highly diverse and variable causal factors interfering with your innate ability to naturally self heal.

For The Well Men Centre, it follows that knowing as much as we can about you as an individual is paramount to us being able to support and empower you to reach and maintain your best health and wellbeing in the short and long term. Hence our primary focus is on investigation of potential causal factors rather than on diagnosis or prescription of any kind.

Causal factors which are calling out for attention and which are often the real reason behind the emergence of uncomfortable or distressing symptoms are then left to simmer away unnoticed worsening the potential for later more serious outcomes.

It as has been increasingly revealed in recent years much of what has been offered and lauded as highly beneficial in the medical field has on later review turned out to be less than useful or even harmful. And virtually all of these options have a cost in terms of exposure to side effects as well as the sometime heavy financial cost.

My 25 years experience in Occupational Health and Safety and Risk Management and Wellness plus a further 21 years as mastermind of the National Well Men Program, Well Men Centres and Day Clinics and more recently the Holistic Wellbeing Institute, tells me that treating symptoms without holistic investigation of causes, even if they go away, is fraught with danger and not in the best interests of long term health.

There is much you can do to avoid many diseases including heart disease and many forms of cancer, Dr Joe writes.  You also have the capacity to improve your energy levels and overall wellbeing.

His book defines 8 Pillars of Health – all of which are essential for the enjoyment of optimal Holistic Wellbeing.  All of these 8 Pillars are considered in our initial appointments, the first taking 2-3 hours and the follow up 50 minutes to an hour.  At that point a personalised strategic plan for moving towards the positive outcomes you are looking for, which may or may not include the prescription of TGA approved pharmaceuticals becomes possible and useful.

Because the introduction of extraneous testosterone invariably shuts down one’s own production of this important hormone, we now recommend consideration of drug free options that we have found to be effective for boosting testosterone from within, before resorting to a pharmaceutical solution. 

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