Highly recommended.  A four-hour ‘Reinvent You’ workshop being held on Saturday Feb 2nd at 9am – 1 pm at Suite 5, 531 Hay St, Subiaco presented by Empowerment Coach, George Helou.

This workshop, in addition to assisting in the achievement of desired life goals, whatever they may be, could also be just what the doctor ordered for anyone feeling they have lost, or are losing, their get up and go.

According to male health activist Linda Byart, George Helou has discovered an astoundingly potent drug free process for delivering rapid and permanent improvements in health, wellbeing, performance, resilience, and overall quality of life as well as transformational breakthroughs towards fulfilling personal aspirations which the process has already delivered for past trainees.

The magic side effect that stimulates all these improvements is a boost to the production of the hormone testosterone, Ms Byart claims.

Just learning the process can have a measurably beneficial effect on hormonal health, Ms Byart said from the Well Men Centre in Perth today.  Particularly for men, where depleted testosterone levels often reflect challenging life circumstances that appear to them to be insoluble and which can rob them of the capacity to get things sorted.

A feeling of being stuck, trapped or powerless can send an individual’s own production of testosterone – the can-do vitality hormone, essential for physical, emotional, mental, sexual and overall health and wellbeing, plummeting, she said.

Empowerment training confronts this tendency head on and if it can reverse the downward slide then it reduces the possibility of long-term testosterone replacement therapy being needed.

Offered on a regular basis, George Helou’s ‘Reinvent You’ Workshops deliver an actual ‘reinvention’ experience in one or more areas of life where improvement would be welcome. This comes with all the inspiration, motivation, tools and insights for ongoing progress, as well as in-depth mentoring support and lots of laughter and enjoyment along the way.

Once learnt the process can be taken away and used at home whenever needed, delivering incredible value for the time investment of a single Saturday morning and a special offer fee of just $156.00, she pointed out.

The discovery of a reliable self-help strategy that in addition to many other benefits, actually delivers a natural boost to testosterone production, relieving symptoms of tiredness, irritability, loss of libido and general motivation, is very welcome, she said.

However, it is still important for any man who is experiencing this cluster of symptoms to get his hormonal status properly checked as there are a number of causes for testosterone decline, some of which do call for corrective medically prescribed replacement treatment.

This advice can also apply to women, particularly those for whom pleasurable sensation and enjoyment of sex may be fading or have been lost altogether resulting in an understandable decline in interest. These reversible symptoms can also be associated with inadequate testosterone production.

“From our perspective with a special interest and remedial experience in hormonal health for over 20 years, Empowerment Training of this calibre can be seen as both a preventative to testosterone decline as well as a drug free rebooting mechanism where levels are already flagging - so we are all for it!”  Ms Byart declared.

 “We are entering a new phase in health care where people are looking for ways to be more involved and empowered in the management of their own health.  George Helou’s ‘Reinvent You’ Workshops assist in developing the skills to do just that.

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