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Grumpy Men Syndrome

Andropause, Male Menopause and Grumpy Men Syndrome are all names for a cluster of symptoms often affecting men as they grow older.  However they are not an inevitable part of ageing.  All women go through Menopause however, not all men are affected by hormonal issues and associated symptoms as they age.  Symptoms that have conveniently been lumped together as a condition, indicating a particular disease or illness which is not a strictly accurate explanation of the situation.


These symptoms, which can rob a man of his quality of life and negativeley impact upon his family, can originate from a number of different causes. There may be a combination of factors causing the problem. There is a growing recognition supported by credible research, that in many cases dysfunctioning hormones may be playing a part, but whether that is as a cause or as an effect of something else is not always clear.

Research shows that low testosterone levels can be seen in association with increased risk of heart attack, stroke, impotence, dementia and Alzheimers disease including a research study that we participated in with Professor Ralph Martins, a recognised world leading expert in Alzheimers and its causes, which showed that restoring robust testosterone levels resulted in arresting and then reversing the damaging brain changes that lead to to Alzheimers. 

In Canada and Europe, Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), has been used for over 30yrs.  It is agreed that TRT should not be given without thorough pre-screening to endure safety and relevance.  Ongoing monitoring of overall health whilst on treatment is essential. As with women's HRT, treatment is available in a variety of TGA approved forms - patches, pills, cream, capsules and injections.  Because it is an unregulated domain, we do not recommend or prescribe  compounded testosterone preparations, which can be illegal if there is a comparable properly tested and approved commercial product available.

Testosterone supplementation has been linked to a fear of prostate cancer.  Whilst it is known to aggravate any pre existing prostate or breast cancer which emphasises the need for knowlegeable pre-screening and ongoing supervision, there is no evidence to show that TRT initiates or causes the onset of prostate cancer.

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